Green Leaf Brick manufactures our specialty products on a manual line, not employing standard robotics to move and stack on kiln cars.  This allows us to make unique sizes most plants cannot such as Roman Size brick.  Long, thin, linear styling is an option with Roman size when we set the fragile unfired product by hand, not possible in standard automated production systems.

We are proud to have our Roman Size brick used in several private residence projects, where the ultimate in sustainability & styling was desired.  In addition to these completed or under construction, several new projects using our Roman Size brick are on the boards and we look forward to featuring them here as they develop.

Colors Featured in these projects are 1) Elizabeth Blend, burgundy with range and 2) Black Walnut, our new through body black brick.  Black Walnut brick photos were before cleaning and will be updated when project is completed late spring 2015.

Contact us to discuss your specific needs for size, color and texture.

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