At Green Leaf Brick, our biggest challenge is expanding our color palette to meet client requests.  Since our inception, architects have asked for a through-body black brick but we aren't able to employ just any inputs; everything we use must be derived from a waste stream, which limits our options.  After much trial and error, we're proud to release our new Black Walnut composed of 100% recycled content with 23% post-consumer inputs. 


Our first project, this contemporary home in Raleigh NC is almost completed and we have several more on the boards.  This project is still under construction and most of these photos feature uncleaned brick, which show lighter than the actual end color in the wall.  These brick have a healthy dusting of NC red clay during staging, giving them a browner look but after cleaning, the appearance will blacken.


We'll update this page as new installations are built and look forward to adding to this portfolio.


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